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A Guide to Dubai’s Thrift Stores

A Guide to Dubai's Thrift Stores

Dubai is a city with so many options for shopping. Whether you are looking for the newest fashions, or just want to pick up some clothes at an affordable price, Dubai has it all. There are luxury malls in every corner of the city offering high-end brands and designer wear. However, if you’re interested in something more affordable than what’s offered by these stores, then this post is perfect for you! We’ll be taking a look at four of Dubai’s best thrift stores that offer clothing and other items at great prices!

Thrift for Good

Thrift for Good has been selling pre-loved goods for a while now, but it just opened a physical location at the Golden Mile Galleria on the Palm Jumeirah recently. This location isn’t exclusively for designer products, but many have passed through its doors, and you may score a bargain. Most importantly, every item you purchase helps to support Gulf for Good, which organizes charity projects in over 30 nations.

Bearly Used

Bearly Used is an authorized online thrift store that sells used goods that have barely been worn. Their target audience are females and they are specifically known to sell elegant yet trendy clothing pieces. You can shop through their Instagram page by commenting under their posts.

Bearly Used


Located on Um Suqqeim Road, Retold is a huge two-floor thrift store that offers an array of products, including casual clothes, designer pieces and workout gear. There is a good chance that you will find high-end clothes, wallets, bags and shoes here if you take the time to go through the whole store.


If you are interested in purchasing pre-loved luxury fashion items, then Garderobe is just where you should. Located on Al Wasl Road, it is both an online and a physical destination that connects sellers and buyers of luxury goods.

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