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Hello Readers, We welcome you to the About us page of Trends Column Blog!

Here you are reading about us page, most probably you are searching for the Latest Trends. So “latest” word defines the presence of Trends Column.

What is Trends Column?

Trends Column is a Blog site, where we update you guys about the latest trends that can be any Trending News, Technology, Fashion, Lifestyle, Food, Recipes, Travel, Entertainment, Sports and many more. We have also started one new series of On This Day by Trends Column, which is very unique.

We target all the people who are looking upon the new trends and want to follow that regularly. So, we welcome you all to TrendColumn.com.

Our Motto !!

The motto of TrendsColumn.com is “Today is a new Trend“.

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OUR TEAM – Editorial Staff:

Sumit Mishra – Founder/Editor in Chief

Sumit Mishra - Founder/Editor in Chief of Trends Column

Starting at the age of 17, Sumit Mishra started from doing Amazon Reviews, and also providing Social Media Services from the same time. That’s how his journey started. He is currently pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science. He loves to travel to new places and try their dishes. Sumit now owns many blogs like TheTrueGadgets, TrendFlavors, TrendsColumn, etc.

Contact us @ trendscolumn@gmail.com