The Best Plating and Garnishing ideas are here!

Looking for food plating and garnishing ides? Here it is!! With the plating techniques and styles.
Best Plating and Garnishing ideas

Everyone knows that if food seems to be eye-catchy then people would try it for sure. The taste of food matters a lot and so does the plating and garnishing of the food is important. Food presentation is an art of modifying, processing, arranging, and decorating food to enhance its aesthetic appeal. Whether you accept it or not, food plating improves the presentation of the dish which adds value to the dining experience. Sometimes the busy schedule or less time makes food plating and garnishing limited, but there are several techniques that are easy and to follow and make the dish look awesome.

At first, the food plating and garnishing were used by only food services or chefs but now it’s used by almost everyone, you just need to know the correct and easy method of doing it. Here you will get the most essential ways of it. But, before you begin preparing your dish, you should keep in mind what type f dish are you preparing like is it a snack kind of thing, a spicy tale, side dish, appetizer or a liquid or dessert. So, you should know the flavour of the food before you start the food decoration.

The elements of plating

For the tips and tricks, follow these easy steps:

1. Choose the Perfect Plate

For presentation the perfect plate is important. You need to keep some things in mind like you need to choose the right size plate because it is necessary to select the plate as per food, then choose the complementary colour of the plate. Colour is important so that the enhancement of the food is more. The higher contrast of the plate, the more will be the enhancement.

2. Play with texture

This means to play with colour, shapes and textures to ensure that it is not overwhelmed. To do this, you just need to cut your dish into parts, if it contains gravy, garnish it with mint leaves/ coriander leaves/ little bit o cream. Always remember, not to overpower the flavour and function of the dish.

3. Serve odd amount of food

If you are decorating your snack, deliver it in odd items. By this, the diners will perceive that they are getting more food. This trick is best for small items.

4. Detailing

When you plate your dish, you need to pay attention to the details of it. You can create a beautiful background for the plate by adding green vegetables or brightly coloured fruits. Try to pair ingredients with colours as this enhances the visual. Also, create the height and utilize its powers. You can balance the height with the flat or long items against it.

5. Designing

The designing is an imp0rtant part of plating. Once, you place all the ingredients, top your dish with delicious sauces (don’t just pour the sauce all over, but use it with a spoon or a brush) this will work.

6. Garnishing

You should always choose the edible garnishes after the plating is done add some garnishes to it which can be related to food. Garnishing not only is meant for food decorating but is done for the taste and aroma of the food. Place the garnishing items purposefully. If you will just throw it or keep it on your plate, it would destroy the plating. So be a little careful.

Plating Styles

I hope you liked the techniques and it will help you in the kitchen too within the time boundaries. So, I am sharing some links of the simple and easy plating styles from the famous chefs which is simple and free form and will give you an idea related to your theme. All the best! – Simple plating techniques for sauces – 20 different plating styles – Design food like a chef – Easy plating designs – Ways to plating the rice – Cocktail garnishing ideas – chocolate and dessert plating ideas

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