Are you Buying a SmartWatch – 5 things to keep in mind before buying a Smartwatch?

Smartwatch is a technology that keeps on growing by some or the other features whenever a new smartwatch is launched. Currently, there are multiples options and with varieties of feature available in Smartwatches. It comes with Health features, And normal Calling options and of course gives a Stylish end to it.

Having so many options available in the market, buying a smartwatch is really tricky. It is really important that you spend right and the smartwatch is value for money. So, here we come with things you should keep in mind before buying a smartwatch.

5 Things to keep in mind before buying a Smartwatch

1. Phone Compatibility

The most important thing to check upon is whether the smartwatch is compatible with your current smartphone or not. As if you buy an Android Smartwatch, but you have IOS Smartphone, that will not be compatible with each other. And similarly, IOS Smartwatch will not be compatible with Android Smartphones. So, better to check it before buying.

2. Display

There are variety of display options available in Smartwatch includes – AMOLED Screen, LCD Screen, OLED Screen. Display is also one of the important factor to look upon as will decide the look of the smartwatch. Apple and Samsung Galaxy watches uses OLED screen. Realme offers you a LCD screen and Oppo gives you an AMOLED screen, Choose display accroding to your budget.

3. Fitness and Health-Related Features

People mainly buy Smartwatch to track their track of Health and Fitness of themselves. So, Its really important to check upon which all features are present in the smartwatch before buying it. Health and Fitness features include Heart Rate monitoring, GPS, Hiking Features. There are some features that tell how much calories you burn while doing exercises, hiking, cycling. running, walking, or jogging.

4. Battery life

Now, you all know battery life is one of the most important aspects to look upon when buying a smartwatch. As smartwatch is an electronic device that works on battery so we all want a good battery backup for that. And if we compare smartwatch and fitness band, Fitness band has more battery backup than a smartwatch. Depending on your requirement that for much battery backup you require, choose the best you can.

5. Pricing

Pricing the first and last most important to look upon, as this is the deciding feature that which smartwatch you will buy. Now, There are smartwatches available in almost all ranges, So you will be having good options to choose upon.

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