Travel during COVID-19

5 Tips to Look when you Travel during COVID-19 Pandemic

With the opening of airports and railways mostly everywhere in the world. People are now travelling more frequently to places than at the start of this Covid pandemic. So it’s really important that you know some important tips to follow to stay safe while this COVID-19 pandemic.

The risk of getting this infection in Airplane is really low, (as per WHO) and also people in there take lots of precautions and the plane is already sanitized properly before passengers are allowed to sit again in it. The only problem is if you get in contact with some infected personnel.

Here comes the tips for travelling during COVID-19

Make Inventory List – Travel during COVID-19

You should must make a inventory list, that obvious for travelers as they don’t want to ruin their trips just by missing some stuffs in their bag-pack. And to travel during COVID-19, you must have a Hand Sanitizer, Disinfectant wipes, Tissues and a face mask. Face mask with face shield will give you more chances to avoid the infection.

Remember what you touch and where you go – Travel during COVID-19

Always remember what you touch while you are travelling and if u touched something that may be touched by many people like ATM, sanitize your hands just after using that or touching that. And avoid touching more and more places and most important don’t touch your nose, mouth or eyes outside. This will help you prevent the novel covid-19 virus. Keep a note of what all places you visit while travelling that it will be easy to get back to origin if somehow you caught the virus.

Minimize Human Contact – Travel during COVID-19

While you are travelling, avoid human contact and if you want to great them, do a bow or even a Namaste is good enough at this situation. Try to rely more on Machines and Automations. Get your Boarding pass from the Machine rather than taking it from human, and even sanitize that Boarding Pass. Maintain the 6-feet distance from another human and try doing payment cashless.

Wipe Down your Surroundings – Travel during COVID-19

If you are sitting somewhere, please sanatize that place before sitting there. And always clean/ santize your surroundings. Remember one thing the most, Corona Virus will not enter your body, untill you touch your face, eyes, mouth or nose. So prevent touching your body it will automaticaly prevent you from getting the COVID-19.

Stay Home if you are Sick – Travel during COVID-19

This is the most important point, If you are feeling sick, then don’t travel. By travelling not only you will be risking your life but also others life. So if you feel something bad about your health then dont travel.

During this COVID-19, Please check that Does your destination have any requirements or restrictions for travelers? As there are some restrictions somewhere and other restriction somewhre. Its better to check this all prior your travel, so it don’t waste your time and money.

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